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Amanuensis Monday: Pages from Annie's School Autograph Book


In 1863, Annie Brown, daughter of John Brown, attended the Fort Edwards Institute in Fort Edwards, NY.  Friends and supporters of John Brown supplied the funds that allowed Annie and her younger sister, Sarah, to continue their educations after Brown's execution.

Annie's autograph book, which is like a handmade yearbook, has been passed down through our family and is now my sister's most prized possession.

This spread from the book appears to be signed by a brother and sister who attended Fort Edwards Institute with Annie.

Transcription of left hand page:                                    Transcription of right hand page:

Yours Tremendously                                                     Allow me to remain yours very truly
S. A. Knapp                                                                   Maria H Knapp
F. E. I.

I have not been able to find any further information on the siblings. 

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