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A Page from Annie's Autograph Book


Another page from Annie's Autograph Book
Adam C. Works
June 18, 1863
F.E. Institute


Adam Clark Works was born in Feb 1834 in New York. His parents were George Washington Works and Julia [Coolidge] Works. Adam graduated from Fort Edward Institute in 1856, and began teaching there in Aug 1857. He taught mathematics until 1868 and then taught Natural Sciences until his departure in 1872.   
He went to Genesee Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N.Y., in September, 1872, as a teacher of natural science until his death, June 17, 1908. 

He married Ellen Mihill in 1870. They had 4 children Nellie, born 1872 - Norris, born 1873 - Ralph, born 1875 - and Ruth Elida born 1881.  According to a short bio page on Works at the Univeristy of Rochester, hw was married previously for a very short time to Elida Van Sickle, until her untimely death in 1869. I could not find any information on her or this wedding in my short research time frame.

When I started the transcriptions of these pages, I thought they would all be fellow students. I have today located 3 teachers in addition to Adam Clark Works. More to follow soon.

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