About Me

Like many families related to the “Old Man”, my family never spoke of the John Brown relationship. Perceived shame, misinformation, and family member insistence of silence have created a void in the John Brown genealogy that I am trying to fill.

There are many books already written and in progress about John Brown. They cover his life, his hatred of slavery, his raid and his place in American History. I am more interested in researching the forgotten ones – the family members and descendants that enabled John Brown to bring his work to fruition as well as continue that work into the present day.

Slavery is still a problem in the modern world. I am continuing my ancestors great fight against this atrocity that affects not just America, but the entire world. Slavery in the 1800s was in the open - slaves were openly sold in the town square, everyone knew who did and didn't own slaves, - but today slavery is behind closed doors. Slavery in the modern world affects 27 million people -- Children, teens, boys, girls, men, women -- no one is exempt from the dangers and horrors of this epidemic.

My efforts to fight slavery include speaking out about the subject - to anyone and everyone! I lecture on the evils of slavery and the "good fight" my ancestors have fought to right this ugly wrong.  I serve as an Advisory Board Member on the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives (FDFI.org)  and I am on the Board of the John Brown Lives! (johnbrownlives.org) foundation in Lake Placid New York.

I have been helped by many great people along the way; scholars, actors, authors, researchers, relatives – the list is long and grows longer each day.

Follow me as I travel down this long and winding road of research into the descendants of John Brown and how they, and I, changed the world.

Slavery = forced to work without pay under threat of violence and unable to walk away. 

Sometimes called bonded labor, forced labor, debt repayment labor or indentured servitude. 
If the worker can not wake up one morning 
and decide to walk away