Monday, August 31, 2015

John Brown, Jr. retires from Company K, 7th Kansas Regiment due to health

The Liberator (Boston, Massachusetts) 
6 Jun 1862, Fri • 
Page 3 

As a collector of Brown family memorabilia, I can't help but wonder where the items ended up after John's daughter died without heirs?

 According to The Kansas Annual Register for 1864, John Brown Jr was the Captain of the Company K, 7th Regiment in January 1862 and on May 27th 1862 he retired due to illness. 

After his retirement from the military, he and his family moved to Put-In-Bay, Ohio, were he lived out his life and was buried in 1895. (see post for pictures of graves) His wife, Wealthy, remained at their home in Put-In-Bay, Ohio, until her death in 1911.

Find A Grave Memorial# 19560240

Name: Brown, John Jr (1821-1895)
Parents: John Brown and Dianthe Lusk
Spouse: Wealthy C Hotchkiss
Relation to Alice Keesey Mecoy: 2nd Great Grand Uncle
   1. Brown, John Jr (1821-1895)
   2. Half Brother of Annie Brown (1843-1926)
   3. Bertha Alice Adams (1872-1957)
   4. Beatrice Vivian Cook (1902-1992)
   5. Paul Meredith Keesey (1925 - )
   6. Alice Louise Keesey


Mary Buster said...

Wonderful article, Alice!

Aimeshad said...

Hi, It seems years have passed since you first wrote this article, but I somehow just encountered it this evening. I grew up in Hudson, and walked past John Brown's family cemetery weekly. Although I haven't lived there since 1985, the allure of this spot is ingrained in my head for sure. Halloween Trick or Treating is just not like it was then and there! ;-)
Does anyone know if the gravestones have been repaired? I do hope so, they are special.
I live in CA now, and somehow rekindled my interest in all of this here, as a 40-something year old adult, strange!
Super article/journal, thank you.