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A New Piece In My Collection

When I saw this little collectible card on Ebay,  I knew that I had to add it to my John Brown Collection. It shipped from England, and was worth the wait.

On the front is a line drawing that "sort of" looks like John Brown - the man does have a big beard.  It looks like he is standing in shoulder high water. Beside him is a steam locomotive with little stick figures in the background

The narrative on the back is full of errors, but the BEST part of the card is the last sentence. It made Fred and me laugh out loud!

No. 4  JOHN BROWN (Bushwhacker)
     John Brown was so much against Negro slavery in America that he and his sons risked their lives to fight those who wanted to keep slaves. His anger was such that in one fight he not only killed many people, but tore their bodies apart, splitting their skulls and hacking off their hands and fingers.
     In 1859 John Brown and his sons went to Harper's Ferry, in Virginia, and there attacked the arsenal, intending to take all of the arms and hand them out to the slaves, so that they could fight for themselves
     He was captured, however, and hanged, but "his soul goes marching on," for many followed his example, giving their lives for those in slavery.
     During his lifetime he held up and robbed many Western trains.

My grandpa has been called many things over the years, but this is the first time I have ever heard of him being a TRAIN ROBBER!  Where did the British get the idea that the Brown's robbed trains I wonder?

(Future historians and genealogists PLEASE NOTE: John Brown and his sons DID NOT rob trains. I don't want someone to use my blog as a source confirming this statement 15 years from now!)

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