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An Historic Meeting of Two Men

Article I found in the San Francisco Call Newspaper
Volume 80
Number 43
13 July 1896
Page 4

Chance Meeting of a Son of John Brown 
and a Son of the Sheriff Who 
Hanged Him.

     McMINNVILLE, Or., July 12 -- 
Two men of historical connections met by
chance here during the Bimetallic 
convention Thursday. As is the custom in 
all conventions in Oregon every delegate 
does his best to get acquainted with every
other one, and all delegates converse with
each other whether acquainted or not.
Several were going about introducing a 
rather handsome man of 40 or thereabouts
whom they called Mr. Booth of McMinn-
ville. They would say of him: "Mr. Booth 
is the son of the Sheriff who hanged
John Brown of Ossawatomie at Harper's
Ferry." This caused people to take more 
than a common interest in Mr. Booth.
     Finally Booth was introduced to a man 
of excellent appearance, whose name was 
Salmon Brown. After the introduction 
Mr. Booth and Mr. Brown chatted very 
pleasantly for a minute or two.
"Mr.Booth," said Mr. Brown, "was it 
your father who hanged John Brown at
Harper's Ferry?"
"Yes," said Mr. Booth. "He was Sheriff 
at the time and it was his duty to 
officiate at the execution. No relative 
of yours, I hope?"
     "Only my father." was the quiet reply. 
     Mr. Booth and Mr. Brown walked to a 
quiet corner in the hotel and talked over 
old times for a half hour and shook hands 
cordially when separating.

Wow! What an interesting little piece of history.

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