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Los Angeles Times story about Owen's headstone

Reporter Gail Holland interviewed me for this story.....30+ minutes on the phone and I get a one line mention! Oh well. Read the Los Angeles Times article here

BUT...... the article did mention a documentary that I went in search of and it is amazing!

Background info:
Ian White found the Owen Brown headstone in August 2012. His father was Charles White, an artist featured in the 1971 documentary, "Five Artists."  When Ian was a lad, the family lived at the base of Little Round Top (aka Brown Mountain). The film shows Ian and his sister running up the mountain to the Owen Brown grave site, and then shows the children examining the headstone. Charles White was an amazing artist and clearly admired John Brown: in fact John Brown and Abraham Lincoln were the only white men he did portraits of. (See items below)
This film is thirty minutes long, and Charles White is the second artist featured on it. There is no timer on the film, so I can not give you an exact time stamp, but the film is worth watching.

So without further ado, I present to you this amazing film. Please enjoy!

5 Artists - 1971 30 min
Five African-American artists - Charles White, Romare Bearden, Richard Hunt, Barbara Chase-Riboud, and Betty Blayton are featured in this 1971 documentary.

Abolitionist John Brown

John Brown

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