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The "Mary Day Brown" Curtains

One of my cousins sent this too me. I find it fascinating

"Hi Alice,
Doing some cleaning and found a diary of expenses, etc., that my Great Aunt Ada Remington kept from 1949-1951.  This woman writes just one line for each day usually, but, pinned to a page is a cut out newspaper article from the Lake Placid News, dated July 27, 1951."

"A rod-less curtain has been invented by Mrs. Inez Carter which, she said, was the outcome of an idea which came to her in a dream.  She has named it the Mary Day Brown curtain in honor of the 2nd wife of John Brown and in keeping with the name is hanging them at the windows of the John Brown homestead.  The curtains have buttonholes which button on tapes suspended at the windows.  Mrs. Carter is president of the John Brown Memorial Association and vice-president of the national organization.  She states that they would be particularly valuable during shortages of metal"
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