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New Family Members Added To the Database

A newly found cousin has given me 22 new family members to add to the John Brown Family Database. 22 new people!!!!  And I have been able to fill in some other information I have been lacking. 

Happy Dance -- Happy Dance -- Happy Dance

I have learned that:

The C in Abigail C Hinckley's name stands for Clarissa

The S in Agnes S Brown's name stands for Stuart

Agnes Stuart Brown married George Edwards Evans from Melbourne, Australia - explains their son being named Melbourne

Salmon's daughter Agnes and granddaughter Muriel were both teachers, just like many of the other Brown women were over the years

One of John Brown's descendants was left crippled from the mass immunizations of WWI (Annie Brown, John's daughter, was against vaccinations of any kind)

But my favorite part of the email was this personal story from Holly tucked at the end-

I lived with Muriel as a teen and she would tease me when I would get passionate about social and political issues not to let the Brown blood boil into fanaticism.  I always thought that was amusing.

Gosh, but I love this stuff!!!!

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