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Carnival of Genealogy - Goals for 2011

Jasia at Creative Gene Blog has issued a challenge to the Genealogy Blogging Community to publicly announce our goals for 2011.

  1. Complete the transcription of the Brown Family Reunion letters, notes, and minutes. As more genealogy information is unearthed, update the Brown Family Genealogy Database (after researching and verifying, of course). Looking into the possibility of publication.
  2. Finalize the Annie Brown Adams book of letters. I have completed the transcription, need to add citations to each letter and complete the essays that tie it all together
  3. Continue adding to and updating the Brown Family Genealogy Database. Need to continue to scan in photos and verifying documents as well as locate more of this generation of the family.
  4. Take a writing class to improve my non-fiction writing skills. I have started to research on-line and local classes available.
  5. Attend at least 3 genealogy seminars this year to improve my skills.
There you have it. My Genealogy Goals for 2011.

Wishing one and all a Very Happy New Year.  May all your goals and wishes come true in 2011!

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