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Six Word Saturday

Can you describe your life (or yourself) in six words? Visit this blog which is dedicated to people who not only can, but do every Saturday. I find the concept of describing yourself in six words fascinating and a little bit scary.

"Do I want to be defined by six little - count them one, two, three, four, five, six - words?"
"Isn't the sum total of my life equal to more than six words?"

I pondered this for a while and found that I actually had 2 separate six word phrases that could be applied to me:

"Keeper of the Brown Family Torch"


"Laughter is the poetry of God"

Okay, so the second one is not exactly a description of my life, but rather a philosophy that I strongly believe in, and everyone who knows me knows that I just love to laugh!

How about this then -

"Laughing always, brightening the world each day"

Take some time today to think about a six word description for yourself, and maybe your ancestors.  New and interesting way to look at people.

John Brown - "Gave his life to free the slaves"

Annie Brown Adams - "Housekeeper, daughter, confidant; always fighting inequality"

Frederick Douglass - "Freed slave; still harassed, freeing others"
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