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I have learned more about John Brown, Jr. and family

I have been transcribing numerous newspaper articles and Obituaries on John Brown, Jr. and his wife, Wealthy. They both died and are buried on Put-In-Bay Island, Ohio.

John Brown, Jr. married Wealthy C. Hotchkiss in either 1847 or 1850, depending on which source you review. I am still trying to nail it down.  They had 2 children, John Brown, III, who was reported to be "slow", a term used in the 1800s to describe what we would now refer to as mentally retarded, and Edith Mae who went on to marry, Thomas Benton Alexander, an actor and eventually, the Mayor of Put-In-Bay. 

John Brown, III, was affectionately known within the family as John the Eighth. He never married, and lived in his parents home until his Mother's death in 1911. I have found no information to substantiate my next statement, but I am assuming that John the Eighth then moved in with Edith and her husband, until John's death in 1917.

Edith and Thomas did not have children. I find this interesting as most of John Brown's grandchildren continued the large family tradition, yet the Alexander's had none. Was it because of John the Eighth's problems? Was one of them unable to have children? I have found no records of miscarriages, or babies dying, I believe that they did not have any children.

The 1910 Census shows the following:
  1. Brown, Wealthy C, head of household, 80 years old, mother of 2 children, both still living. Grape Grower, Owner of Vineyard, Employer, Owner of Home, reads and writes English. 
  2. Brown, John, son, 57 years old, Vineyardman, Home Vineyard, Working on Own Account, reads and writes English.
  3. Alexander, Thomas B, son-in-law, 43 years old, Actor, Employee of Theatrical Company, reads and writes English.
  4. Alexander, Edith M, daughter, 43 years old, Shopkeeper, Souvenir Booth, Working on Own Account, reads and writes English.
Yet in the 1911 obituary of Wealthy Brown, her son-in-law, Thomas, is listed as the Mayor of Put-in-Bay. I need to do more digging on that item also.

John Brown Jr, Wealthy Hotchkiss Brown, John Brown, III, Edith Mae Brown and Thomas Benton Alexander are all buried on Put-in-Bay Island in the Crown Hill Cemetery. 

The following photos were all taken by my friend, and John Brown Enthusiast, James Edward Hodges.

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