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Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Olympic Games


I have been invited to participate in the Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Olympic Games. The games run from now through Feb 27, 2009. The opening ceremonies include showing off our unique flags and announcing what events we will be participating in.

My flag represents the three countries that my great great great grandfather John Brown visited during his fight against slavery - America, Canada and England.


The events are I will be participating in are
1.  Go Back and Cite Your Sources
 When I first started reseaching my family line, I did not know about citing your sources, so as I go back through old items I have to stop and figure out where the information came from and add the citation. I have learned my lesson and I now cite every single item I add.  My goal for the Olympics is to research and cite at least 5 old facts a day.
2.  Back Up Your Data
I am preaty good about this, as I had to participate in the reserection of data on the job once. I do full computer back ups and evey three months take new cds to the bank safedeposit box, but I am sure there are other data back ups I need to review. My goal for the Olympics is to complete 4 of the 5 tasks during competition
3.  Organize Your Research
I have spent the last year indexing and organizing my paper archives, but my photos are a shambles. My goal for the Olympics is to organize, label and index at least 100 photos.
4.  Expand Your Knowledge
I am excited about this category - Google maps, Time Toast, Find a Grave, Wordle and various research sites are waiting for me to explore and expand my knowledge. My goal for the Olympics is to visit, learn to use and incorporate at least 5 new sites into my genealogy research.
5.  Write, Write, Write!
I need to write more - blog entries, research compliation, articles for submission to magazines and online journals, and of course I need to spend more time writing my book. My goal for the Olympics is to pre write at least 5 blog posts, and complete one chapter of my book.
6.  Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness
How fun! I love random acts of kindness, and I am looking forward to doing some this month. My goal for the Olympics is to sign up and transcribe at least 15 documents for Family Search.
Let the Games Begin!

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