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I need help with a numbering challange

I hope some of the genealogist that read my Blog can help me with a Henry Numbering System question.

The work I am doing on the descendants of John Brown is a continuation of years of work started by Dr Clarence Gee. Dr Gee assigned the Henry Numbering System to each person in the data collection. Since Dr Gee's work has been referenced for years, I wanted to continue the established numbering system.

We start with Capt John Brown and his number is B1
His son Owen was his 8th child so his number is B18
John Brown is Owen's fourth child so his number is B184
John's 20 children are numbered B1841, B1842, B1843, B1844, B1845, .......B184X, B184XI, B184XII etc to Ellen, the 20th, with number B184Xx

Great, everything is going well until today I was trying to enter a cousin's line and she has 2 ties back to John Brown. Her Grandfather is descendant from Ruth Brown Thompson and her grandmother is descendant from Solmon Brown. This means that both grandparents have a unique Henry Number.


This is making my head ache. Does anyone have a solution to this strange problem?

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