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Tombstone Tuesday - Annie Brown Adams and children


Annie Brown Adam's grave site was thought to be lost for a number of years. Historians and my father tried to locate the grave site and were unable to do so, not because it had moved or they had the wrong address, but because the graveyard was completely overgrown with weeds and brambles making identification of the individual graves impossible.

My father's cousin, Dede, was instrumental in getting the cemetery cleaned up and de-thorned. In 2008, my father and I traveled to Rohnerville Pioneer Cemetery to take pictures of the famly graves there. If you look through the hole in the redwood burl sign at left, you can see  the grave of Annie Brown Adams, John Brown's daughter who worked as housekeeper and watcher at the Kennedy Farmhouse in the summer of 1859.

Annie's grave is a long rectangular block of rough stone with a small marble headstone that reads "Annie Brown Adams 1843-1926." No mention of her historical significance nor are there any references to her infamous father, John Brown. Next to Annie are the graves of two of her 10 children, Lolita and Grace, as well as the grave of her grand twin Kenneth Cook. Annie's grave is in need of repair: it is not level, the right side is jutting up from the ground and Lolita's headstone is broken on the ground. My Great Aunt Alice, Annie's granddaughter, remembers visiting Annie's grave once after one of the great floods and finding the entire topstone displaced and the coffin sticking out of the ground. 

Below are closeup photographs of each of the headstones.
Close up of Annie's head stone

 Annie Brown Adams

Close up of Lolita's head stone lies broken on the grass

Dau. of
S.S & Annie Brown
Died Oct. 2, 1874
Aged 1mo. 4 ds
Of such is the Kingdom of heaven

Close up of Gace's head stone

Our Gracie
Dau of
S.S. & Annie Brown
Died March 12, 1878
Aged 1 yr. 10 mo. & 12 ds
He doeth all things well

Close up of Kenneth's head stone

Kenneth Cook

Kenneth was the 6th child of Annie's daughter Bertha (my great grandmother). Kenneth and Clinton were twins. Kenneth lived for 1 month and 2 days..

Asos buried in this cemetery is Cora, Salmon and Abbie's 17 year old daughter who died after being thrown from a horse. Not long after her death, Salmon and his family left the Rohnerville area of California and moved to Oregon, leaving Cora behind.

Closeup of Cora's Head stone

Cora A.
Daughter of
S. & A.C. Brown
May 19, 1877
17 yrs 4 mos 3 days

All Photographs were taken by Alice Keesey Mecoy and remain the property of Alice Keesey Mecoy. If you would like to use a photograph on your site, please ask for permission first and give proper credit. Thank you!

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