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Fun Fact Friday - 2 free music downloads

Two Great Musicians are offering downloads of their John Brown music free this month.

David Rovics - songs with a conscience. Excellent singer reminiscent of Harry Chapin and Arlo Guthry. David is a believer in the rights of humanity and offers his songs via download for free.

Directions to download John Brown by David Rovicks

Go to his music website
1. Click on the music link on the left hand menu bar
2. Scroll halfway down page and click on John Brown
3. Click on "Full song info"
4. Click on "download" and follow the prompts. 
See David on YouTube singing John Brown

Alastair Moock- bluesy edgy folk music is the best way to describe Alastair's music.
In honor of the 150th Commemoration of John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, Alastair is offering his song, Cloudsplitter, inspired by the novel by the same name, for download free through October 31, 2009

Directions to download  Cloudsplitter by Alastair Moock
Go to this special webpage
Follow the directions

These two wonderful musicians have written some amazing music honoring "The Old Man".  Hope you enjoy them as much as I have and do!

PS if you like the songs please consider supporting them by purchasing their albums or donating to their causes. Thank you

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