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Mary Brown To Be Honored in Saratoga CA

On March 6th the Saratoga Historical Foundation is opening an exhibit focusing on the 150th anniversary of Harper's Ferry and Saratoga resident Mary Brown.

From the January 2009 Newsletter "The Saratoga History Museum will debut a personal version of of Harper's Ferry through the eyes of one-time Saratoga resident Mary Brown and some of her children. Mary Brown, second wife of Abolitionist John Brown moved to California after his death to begin a new life. The museum's archives will provide a poignant portrait of the family. The exhibit opens March 6 in the Museum and includes items never before exhibited."

Two of the never before exhibited items are the pictures that my Great Aunt Alice donated to the museum - one of Annie Brown Adams and one of Annie's daughter Bertha (Alice's mother). Very exciting

I plan to be at the opening of the exhibit.

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