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I Have So Much To Share------


My life has been moving non-stop in regards to John Brown.

I received a packet from the Gilder-Lehrman Institute in NY with photocopies of 52 handwritten letters from the Annie Brown Adams box in the collection. I have been transcribing them with the help of my husband. I am about 3/4 of the way done. I plan to take the transcriptions to Oregon next month when my dad and I go to visit my Great Aunt Alice. Annie was her grandmother and Alice is eager to read the letters.

My local library is putting on a John Brown presentation on Feb 7, 2009 in honor of Black History Month and I will be talking about the descendents and the women of his life. Donnie Ray Albert, world renowned Opera singer, who sang the role of Frederick Douglass in the world premier of the John Brown Opera last month, will be gracing us with a couple of songs from the opera. I am looking for the historian portion still. Thought I had someone lined up, but may not be able to accommodate his scheduling needs. I will keep looking.

Heard from Bob O'Connor today, who is on the descendent location committee with me for the sesquicentennial; of the Harper's Ferry Raid. He found another relation. Sent an email to get family history for my John Brown Descendents Tree.

I also heard from the National Abolition Hall of Fame http://www.abolitionhof.org/. The weekend of October 24 - 26 2008 they are holding the 2008 Commemoration Weekend, featuring talks, exhibits, books and the celebrating the induction into the hall of fame of 4 worthy candidates: Lydia Maria Child, Wendell Phillips, Sojourner Truth and (fan fare please) John Brown. There are dinners, exhibit halls, tours, and discussions all weekend long. Last year Lou DeCaro (Author of “Fire in the Midst of You” and “John Brown – The Cost of Freedom”) had the honor of presenting the presentation that resulted in JB being inducted. This year the banner and displays go up. Fred has already put in for vacation so we can go. The NAHoF is looking for relatives and affiliates of the inductees, and will recognize them during the Saturday night Award dinner. You can also sponsor a banner for $50.00. The sponsorship includes your name on the banner. I am going to do this for me, my kids and my Great Aunt! Sounds like a great weekend.

I have finished my vanity fluff book "My 15 Minutes of Fame with John Brown and the Lyric Opera". It is about my week in Kansas City for the World Premier of the John Brown Opera. 70 pages long, with interviews, opera reviews, and my take on the week. If you are interested in getting a copy drop a line to jbrownkin@yahoo.com and we can discuss.

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