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New Information Arrived In Mail!!!


A great big THANK YOU to Linda Delong, Office and Research Center Assistant of Humboldt County Historical Society, for the present I found in my mailbox today. An envelope full of information about the John Brown Family in Humboldt County

She copied lots of information about John Brown for me. I have copies of articles in magazines, in books, in newspapers. I have letters and notes and cards. I have Annie's will and letters written to my grandmother Bea. I have just started to go through all of the material. I am so excited.

There is a photocopy of an article in the Humboldt Beacon that I am must find a beeter copy of for my records. The article is written by Dee Daneri and has to have been written after 1957 and before 1998, based on people named in the body of the story. The headline is "John Brown's Legacy Alive In Eel River Valley As Abolitionist's Cause Recalled". Above the story is a picture of Sam and Annie Adams. The photocopy I received from the Humboldt County Historical Society has only the bottom half of the photo. How sad, someone took the time to copy and file, but the time to make a full copy of the photo and article. I really want to see the full photo. I logged into the Humboldt Beacon website to search, but the archives only go back to 1998 and the article was not listed.

So wish me luck as I search for this photo!

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