Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mom's Cookbooks - Sentimental Sunday

My mom, Jean Keesey, loved to clip out recipes from magazines and newspapers, as well as hand write recipes on scraps of paper. Then the scraps of paper and newspaper recipes were   stuffed them into her collection of cookbooks and recipes. She kept scissors next to her recliner so she was always ready to snip out that really fascinating recipe for "Sour Cream Jello Horseradish Salad." She wrote down recipes from TV cooking shows, radio shows, discussions with friends. She loved to collect recipes.

I have inherited many of her old cookbooks, and they are like a treasure hunt; you never know when a recipe clipped from a magazine, newspaper, or handwritten on whatever piece of paper was nearby, will fall out from between the pages.  I don't understand why she clipped some of these recipes. Many are for things we never ate, fancy sauces and prissy desserts.

While looking through one of her books today I found:
  • An incomplete recipe written on the back of my dad's May 15 1963 pay stub.
  • An icing recipe written on a piece of her Japanese Rice Paper, that she used for her painting. 
  •  A newspaper article about the wife of Arizona Senator Jay Stuckey, Sr. who makes sweets for her husband to take to the Senate every day, complete with the recipes.
  • A full recipe for making Cream of Tomato soup from a can of condensed soup! (really, a newspaper published the directions from the back of a can as a recipe?)
  • A recipe for Cheese and Apple Dessert - cut up cheese with cut up apples - A Favorite Of Steak Addicts!
  • A full newspaper page of recipes for Dove, since Sept was the opening of Dov season in Arizona. Anyone for Dove in Sour Cream?
  • Various backs of flour bags, labels from cans, inserts from ads, free recipe inserts. - I have recipes on every conceivable type of paper.  
Going through Mom's cookbooks brings back memories of sitting at the dining room table with her discussing cooking, recipes, and looking through cookbooks. I miss you Mom!

Let's play a game.  

I found this recipe - can anyone tell me what it is? And would you eat it? I copied it exactly as written on a scrap a paper by my mom
____ 18 tbs-red (27 blue) 
6 oz gelatine
3 c. cold water
4 1/2 quarts hot milk
6 # tuna
13 1/2 c. celery
1 1/2 c. green peppers
1 c. piminto
3/4 c. onion
3 c. relish
1 1/2 c. lemon juice
6 tsp. salt
6 c. mayonaise
18 hard boiled eggs

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - 3 Generations

Jean Keesey, Alice Keesey Mecoy, Manfred Mecoy, Bea Cook Keesey, Geoffrey Mecoy

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I. Am. So. Jealous!

John Brown, Bleeding Kansas and the search for buried history

Bo Rader/ The Wichita Eagle

My fourth cousin twice removed, Mary Buster, just participated in a most exciting event near the Brown Cabin Memorial Park in Osawatomie, Kansas.

And. I. Am. So. Jealous!

Mary Buster, great-great granddaughter of Florilla Brown Adair, half sister to John Brown, recently participated in an archeological dig held at the original location of the Adair Cabin, where Florilla and Samuel Adair lived in Osawatomie during the years that led up to Kansas entering the United States as a free state.  They were Free-Staters and participated in the Kansas Underground Railroad. The actual cabin has been restored and moved a few miles from the original location to what is now called John Brown Memorial Park.

Mary participated in the dig, and got to hold a silver fork that was found during the dig. She held the fork to her cheek and experienced the amazing rush of touching something that was owned by an ancestor. A rush that I am familiar with - I have held items owned by my ancestors - bibles and autograph books, and I have even walked barefoot on the original floor planks in North Elba to feel closer to my kinfolk.

I know that Mary had a great time and I am excited for her......but I am still so jealous!

The full story is here.